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Data Science

This page highlights some introductory Data Science material that you might find useful. If you know of any other Data Science material that we should share or highlight on the MIIA website or via our real-time community messaging platform (MIIA on Slack), please let us know either on Slack or via

What is Data Science?*

Data Science Resources


OpenCampus is one of the largest resource library for professional certifications courses. It offers free access to wide range of course materials like PMP, Six Sigma, Big Data and more. The free resources also contain flashcards, toolkits and practice questions.

Anyone can access the free resources and take up the simulated exams at this link: 

Data Science Presentations*



The Evolution of Analytics



Data Science Infographics*

Preview Description
A visual guide to Becoming a Data Scientist in 8 Steps by DataCamp (img)
Mindmap on required skills (img)
Swami Chandrasekaran made a Curriculum via Metro map.
by @kzawadz via twitter,
And a male version, from another article by
By Data Science Central
From this article by Berkeley Science Review.
Data Science Wars: R vs Python
How to select statistical or machine learning techniques
The Data Science Industry: Who Does What
Data Science Venn Diagram
Different Data Science Skills and Roles from this article by Springboard