MIIA community


The MIIA community is growing! We have currently 3200+ members and followers registered across the MIIA website, LinkedIn, Google+, Meetup (Cape Town & Johannesburg), Slack, FaceBook, and Twitter.


To join the MIIA community on Slack, our real-time community messaging platform, please sign-up here. If you have any issues in this regard let us know via As Slack is our primary community chat and messaging vehicle, we highly recommend that you join us on this platform as well.


The MIIA community have members and followers via the following social channels and collaboration platforms (last updated May 2019):


The following lists are displayed below (for an up-to-date list, see the above links to the list of members for each individual social channel):
  • Current members registered on the MIIA website - (if you don't appear on this list, you need to log in on this website with your LinkedIn profile - see "Log in" button in top right hand corner)
  • MIIA community members (not on the list above) that have registered via the previous website, Google+, Meetup, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or FaceBook


If you have any issues in accessing MIIA on the above social channels and collaboration platforms, please send an email to or fill in the form on the Contact page.

MIIA community members registered on the MIIA website