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AI in Manufacturing and Data Science/IoT hackathon on Mining data

Solving Intelligence, Solving Real-world Problems

Artificial Intelligence in Finance, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Government


In follow-up to my previous post on Artificial Intelligence in the Smart Technology Era and this technology being at the center of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa(MIIA) partner activities with Silicon Cape, Barclays' Rise Africa, and Cenfri's Insights2Impact, we have some further exciting developments and upcoming activities in the areas of Finance, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Agriculture that I would like to share with this post. In addition to ongoing collaboration with the above-mentioned partners, MIIA has also started to collaborate with Stellenbosch University's Innovus and LaunchLab who has introduced us to some promising spin-out and external companies that they host - more about this in the Eduction and Agriculture sections below. Some of MIIA's upcoming activities this and next week include a presentation to Stellenbosch University's Division for Institutional Research and Planning about AI / Machine Intelligence / Smart Technology and its applications in Education, a Rise Cape Town event "Rise to the Challenge: Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning" (on 20 September 2016), and a strategy and planning session in collaboration with the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CITI) around economic development policy for the Western Cape Government with a focus on the digital economy. MIIA's partner Insights2Impact also has a live stream event on 14 September 2016 which covers the increasing adoption by the private sector of alternative data sources and analytical methodologies for financial inclusion.

Gaining momentum with Machine Intelligence and Data Science in Africa

Launch of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA)

Launch of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA)

In follow-up to my previous blog about transforming Africa through technological innovation, we are excited to launch the new Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) website that now allows members to login via their LinkedIn profile, share ideas and contribute via blogs, register and participate in projects, and be notified of resources, events, and other activities that are relevant within a MIIA context. Selected blogs will also be published on MIIA’s LinkedIn page. All members are also encouraged to follow MIIA on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates and other correspondence.