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Herewith the latest content from the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa community. All community members are invited to submit blogs to help further our mission with respect to establishing an innovative community for Machine Intelligence & Data Science research and practical applications to help solve African problems and drive long-term inclusive and sustained scientific, technological, and socio-economic development on the continent. 


Follow-up on an awesome MIIA Meetup in Cape Town!


Gaining momentum with Machine Intelligence and Data Science in Africa

MIIA Projects and Process for projects submission, execution and delivery


MIIA Community's real-time messaging and chat environment

Launch of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA)

Launch of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA)

In follow-up to my previous blog about transforming Africa through technological innovation, we are excited to launch the new Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) website that now allows members to login via their LinkedIn profile, share ideas and contribute via blogs, register and participate in projects, and be notified of resources, events, and other activities that are relevant within a MIIA context. Selected blogs will also be published on MIIA’s LinkedIn page. All members are also encouraged to follow MIIA on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates and other correspondence.