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Data Science Nigeria - 2018 Agenda

January 2018 

February 2018

  • MentorAfricanDataScientist : Pairing of 1st batch of local data scientists with international mentors
  • Press conference and Data Science/Machine learning for Journalists engagement

March 2018

  • Industry Best Practice Showcase
    • Big Data/AI for Marketing/Sales/Customer Service Excellence for CMOs/Marketing/Sales/Channel Director, Marketing Managers, Brand Directors, Media Directors/Managers, Digital/Event/Sponsorship/Shopper Managers, Strategy Heads, Business Development Managers, Advertising Agency Strategy/Business Directors etc.
  • Release of Nigeria Sociographics Report for 2017
    • An extensive use of natural language processing to understand what shaped consumption, social sentiment, consumer confidence and which brands are well situated within these domains of social infouence using social footprint analysis (Google search, social/media and blog comments and tweets)

April 2018

  • Kaggle competition 2

May 1st 2018:

  • Kick off of Inter-University Machine Learning/Data Science Competition

June- August 2018

  • Campus visit for awareness and competition

July 2018

  • Kaggle competition 3
  • Data Science Africa Conference in Abuja

October 8-9

  • Executive Masterclass Big Data/Machine Learning/AI class (Lagos/Accra)
    • Everything Executives must know on Big Data and how to articulate an executive data strategy/vision for your enterprise
    • For Directors/C-level and strategic decision makers

October 10

  • Big Data Economy Summit
    • Focus: Big Data for Digital/Financial Inclusion

October 10-15

  • Bootcamp and Hackathon
    • Focus: Deep Learning, NLP and chatbot development

November 2018

  • Kick of Data Science Nigeria Academy partnership programme

December 2018

  • Launch of Data Scientists on Demand
  • Selection of PhD/Masters and volunteer research to work
  • Advisory Board Meeting


Data Science Nigeria: 1st National Big Data Economy Summit & 2nd Data Science Bootcamp 12-15 October 2017, Lagos, Nigeria

Earlier this year MIIA has partnered with Data Science Nigeria and participated in their first Data Science Bootcamp (see Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa collaboration with Data Science Nigeria). In follow-up to this, Data Science Nigeria is having two major upcoming events during 12-15 October 2017, its 1st National Big Data Economy Summit & 2nd Data Science Bootcamp in Lagos, Nigeria.

MIIA's introductory video to the Dta Science Nigeria's 1st National Big Data Economy Summit & 2nd Data Science Bootcamp: 

The 1st National Summit on Big Data Economy will bring together industry leaders, business executives, academia and cross-industry data science practitioners to discuss a Nigerian-centric Big Data agenda, especially as it relates to the practical application of data science in driving socio-economic development in emerging markets. Sessions will include practical showcase of data science application in the economy, consumer behaviour, health, business, city planning, security, agriculture, manufacturing and logistics. Dr Yemi Kale, the Statistician General of the Federation will be the keynote speaker as the No 1 data champion in the country. 

The 2nd Data Science bootcamp will run side-by-side between Thursday, 12 October and Sunday, 15 October 2017. The bootcamp will include face-to-face teaching, virtual online classes, and a hands-on hackathon using the Kaggle platform on latest tools in Machine learning and advanced Statistics for Data science. The sessions will be facilitated by leading Nigerian data scientists and many international PhD-level data scientists, including both industry professionals and academics.

We do believe that these two events collaboration will reinforce the increasing importance of data in our national development and further position Data Science Nigeria as a transformational lighthouse and an enabler of the emerging knowledge-based economy.

Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp Sponsorship



Inaugural AI Africa Conference on 26-27 October 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa

AI Africa Conference Registration Form

MIIA will also be represented at the inaugural AI Africa Conference on 26 and 27 October 2017 at Mediterranean Conference Centre, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, where Dr Jacques Ludik will be delivering a keynote address on "AI in Africa - Past, Present & Future" as well as a presentation on "Operationalizing of AI and Big Data & Analytics to help businesses thrive in the Smart Technology Era".  The event is aimed at bringing together, under one roof, all stakeholders in AI on the African continent for the purposes of networking, enhancing knowledge and sharing new ideas and emerging trends.  More details about this event will be made available soon.

See the following web page for details: 



AI on Africa - Past, Present & Future (part 1) - Dr Jacques Ludik (President / CEO, MIIA, Cortex Logic, Bennit.AI)
AI & the Law: Opportunities & Challenges - Aalia Manie (IP & Tech Lawyer, Webber Wentzel)
AI on Africa - Past, Present & Future (part 2) - Dr Jacques Ludik (President / CEO, MIIA, Cortex Logic, Bennit.AI)
AI: Decision Making in an Uncertain World - Dr Benjamin Rosman (Principle Researcher, CSIR)
2017 Update : Global Tends in AI: Are we at the same pace as the rest of the world? - Reshaad Sha (CEO, Sqwidnet)
Intelligent Assistants & Bots for Business and Industry - Kugendran Naidoo (Cognitive Business & Strategy, IBM Watson - Africa/Asia)
Real-life Machine Intelligence Solutions for Industry - Tommaso Gritti (AI Solutions Leader, Brain Creators)
AI Journey in Financial Services - Obins Cloudhary (VP AI, Barclays)
Native Intelligence vs AI: winning the African BOP with AI - Olubayo Adekanmbi (CTO, MTN Nigeria) - Presented by Dr Jacques Ludik
AI in Healthcare - Dr Raban Masuka (UCT)
Bennit.AI - Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Manufacturing - Dr Jacques Ludik
AI Systems Development and Use in Africa - Dr Adebayo Bamitale (Software Engineer, Wonga Ltd)
Surveying AI in Africa - Tatenda Kavu (Computer Science Lecturer, Chinhoyi University, Zimbabwe)
Stock Market Predictions for Sub Sharan African Countries - Dennis Murekachiro (Bindura University of Science Education, Wits Business School)


Download the Conference Brochure

Artificial Intelligence Africa Conference Brochure

Download the Registration Form

AI Africa Conference Registration Form

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The "1st AI Africa Conference"  


MIIA Collaboration with Data Science Nigeria

Data Science Bootcamp: 20-22 January 2017


See feedback on the recent MIIA - Data Science Nigeria collaboration with respect to a Data Science Bootcamp (140 participants) that was held in Lekki axis of Lagos State from 20-22 January 2017: 

For some photos of the Data Science Bootcamp in Nigeria, see also

The Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) is excited to announce a partnership with Data Science Nigeria, a non-profit organization to accelerate data science adoption and raise a new breed of local experts by training and mentoring young Nigerians through face-to-face, virtual online classes, project-based support and holiday boot camps. Data Science Nigeria, an initiative of MTN’s executive, Bayo Adekanmbi, has launched on 26 November 2016 with Dr Uyi Stewart, Chief Data Scientist with IBM, USA that lead the plenary session. Data Science Nigeria, has now progressed to skill development workshops and will run the first bootcamp in Lekki axis of Lagos State between Friday 20 and Sunday 22 January 2017 (see links below for more details). The bootcamp will address competence gaps in Python, R, Machine learning, and general Data science concepts with real-world case studies. MIIA will be represented by Dr Jacques Ludik who will lead a Q&A session on Saturday morning 21 January 2017 via Webinar dial-in along with some other Data Science experts from the MIIA community. If you are Data Science expert that’s interested to participate via Webinar dial-in, please send an email to