The Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr Jacques Ludik in 2015 (and launched in 2016) with the following vision and mission statements:


MIIA's Vision

Innovative Community and Accelerator 
for Machine Intelligence and Data Science Research and Applications
to help transform Africa 


MIIA's Mission:


To build a strong and innovative Machine Intelligence and Data Science community in Africa 
to help transform Africa by networking together the critical mass of resources, promote and sponsor learning activities, and strengthen scientific and technological excellence, mentoring and collaboration on the continent.


To accelerate and deliver breakthrough Machine Intelligence and Data Science research and practical applications
to solve African problems, support entrepreneurial activity, and help drive long-term inclusive and sustainable scientific,
technological and socio-economic development on the continent. 


To partner with governments, business, startup incubators, non profit organizations, universities, and research organizations
from around the world to support and help mould the future of Machine Intelligence and Data Science research and applications in Africa. 


Join us


If any one of the following statements are relevant for you, then you are highly encouraged to join MIIA:

  • you would like to participate or at least monitor MIIA’s progress with establishing an innovative community to help transform Africa and solve some of its problems via Machine Intelligence technologies

  • you are keen to see Africa reach its potential and overcome obstacles by driving long-term inclusive and sustainable scientific, technological and socio-economic development on the continent

  • you have an interest in Machine Intelligence technologies (e.g., AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, etc.) and/or its applications

  • you have industry and/or enterprise domain expertise, application ideas or needs, or some identified African problems that you would like to see addressed

  • you would like to research and/or test the commercial viability of specific applications using Machine Intelligence technologies from an entrepreneurial or business perspective

  • you would like to promote MIIA and/or help to get funding to grow MIIA and its activities (given that MIIA is a nonprofit organization) 


To join MIIA, register by logging in with your LinkedIn profile on this website. For further participation and collaboration, see other links below.


To join the MIIA community on Slack, our real-time community messaging platform, please send your name, surname, and email address to info@machineintelligenceafrica.org so that we can send the corresponding invite directly from Slack. As Slack will be our primary community chat and messaging vehicle, we highly recommend that you join us on this platform as well.


View the current MIIA Community registered on this website as well as others on Slack, the LinkedIn group, Meetup, Google+, FaceBook, and Twitter.


How to participate


  • See the How to participate page for more details on various ways to help MIIA execute its mission. 

    • Become an active member of the MIIA community

    • Become a Community Activity Leader

    • Promote MIIA and follow us on social channels and collaboration platforms

    • Become a sponsor and/or help to get funding to grow MIIA and its activities

  • The Sponsors page outlines more details with respect to financial support and the various types of sponsoring available.


Links to MIIA's website, social channels and collaboration platforms:





See the MIIA Team page for more details about the current team:

  • Board of Directors

  • Board of Advisors & Thought Leaders

  • MIIA Management Team

  • MIIA Community Activity Leaders

  • MIIA Community Members




  • In order to build an innovative community for Machine Intelligence and Data Science research and real-world applications in Africa, it is important for the MIIA community to partner with academic, research, and nonprofit organisations as well as business, startup incubators, and government organisations on MIIA projects, events and activities. 

  • See the Partners page for more details on MIIA's current partners as well as our intention with respect to growing MIIA's ecosystem of partners.  




  • We are very thankful to all MIIA's current sponsors that are helping to achieve our vision of establishing an innovative community and accelerator for Machine Intelligence and Data Science research and application to help transform Africa. MIIA's current sponsors are listed on the Partners page.

  • There are various types of sponsoring available to support MIIA's mission and help grow the community and its activities. Become a sponsor and/or help us to get funding via any combinations of the following options:

    • Donations

    • Grants

    • Project-specific funding

    • Technology/tools/platforms related donations

  • The Sponsors page outlines more details with respect to financial support and the various types of sponsoring available.



MIIA's Registration details



  • MIIA is a nonprofit organization with the following registration details: 


    • Registration Number: 2015/300168/08

    • Date of Incorporation: 21/08/2015

    • Registered in the Republic of South Africa in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and Companies Amendment Bill 40 of 2010

  • Please contact us if you need more information.